Our Team

Rabi Das Dong is the founder and director of Lifetime Nepal Treks and Tours.  Rabi has been working in the tourism industry for 15 years, as a tour and trekking guide, and is a fluent speaker of both French and English .  Rabi holds a M.A in Sociology  and is knowledgable about many of Nepal's ethnic groups and cultures.  When he's not showing visitors around the country, Rabi enjoys spending time with his family and discussing politics with his many friends.


Mamita Moktan is Lifetime Nepal's ticketing specialist.  Before marrying Rabi in 2013, she worked for Gulf Travel Agency in Kathmandu.    Mamita is also active in the Tamang Mother's Association. 



Josh Davis is Lifetime Nepal's US representative and advertising guru.  He first travelled to Nepal in 2001, where he had the good fortune to meet Rabi.  He's returned to the country many times since then.  Starting in 2006, Josh was involved with a project to build and run a small community school in the village of Challing, Nepal (which, sadly, did not survive the earthquakes of April, 2015).  When he's not visiting friends in Nepal, Josh lives in beautiful Missoula, Montana, where he enjoys hiking, camping and studying history and economics.



Hira lama is also founder  and trip  operating manager of Lifetime Nepal Treks and Tours . Hira lama has been working in tourism for 15 years with different responsibilities . He is one of the best trekking and cultural Guide in Nepal .